Real Time WINDMI AL and Dst Predictions Real Time WINDMI AL and Dst Predictions
Last 4 days, Updated every 10 minutes
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Using Rectified input voltage: Using Siscoe input voltage: Using Newell input voltage:

Real time measurements of the solar wind bulk velocity (V bulk), proton number density (Np), and the interplanetary magnetic field (Bx, By, Bz in GSM) are available from the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite. More information can be found on SEC's ACE real time solar wind website. These quantities are used to derive an input solar wind driving voltage for the WINDMI model. Two driving voltages Vsw are shown above, Rectified, Siscoe, and Newell.

The WINDMI model is a set of eight coupled ODEs for current, velocty, and pressure in the solar WIND driven Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system. WINDMI includes ring current energization from substrom injections and therefore outputs a predicted westward auroral electojet index (AL) and equatorial disturbance storm time index (Dst). The WINDMI real time prediction of the AL and Dst indices is updated every 10 minutes and shown in the plot above for the past 4 days. More information can be found on the WINDMI website.

Near realtime quicklook Dst data are available the World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto University. WINDMI predicts the Dst index about two hours before the near realtime data is available from WDC Kyoto.

WDC Kyoto also provides real time quicklook AE index data in the form of daily plots shown below (for the past 2 days). WINDMI predicts the AL index about one hour before the data is available from WDC Kyoto.

WDC Kyoto Quicklook Auroral Electrojet indices (for comparison with WINDMI AL prediction):